Taleweaver the Storyteller

A world in your ear



I am Tony Cooper, a full-time storyteller who has, in the last thirty-odd  years shared tales with TEFL teachers, Jungian analysts, policemen, colleges, radio listeners, Women's Institutes, street children in India, nuclear physicists, prisoners, French sage femme (midwives), Danish college lecturers, businesses and passing strangers. 


Chaucer's Sources

Our early English author of Canterbury Tales found his stories in Spain and Italy where they had been adapted from Moorish stories first found further East in India.

In a set that lasts from 90 minutes to two hours these interwoven adaptations are by turns touching, bawdy, funny and frightening. 

Tales & Tunes at 'Goats That Dance'

With tunes from the Appalachian dulcimer of multi-instrumentalist John Gisbey and tales plus percussion from the taleweaver Tony Cooper vast audiences (OK - twelve at most) will be entertained in the coffee shop Goats That Dance, 10A King Street Sandwich for the price of a cup of delicious coffee and maybe a cake. Check the 'Events' page of the Society for Storytelling website for dates, times and details